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Plah relocates at Sommerro House
opens September 7th

Ahaan is open for booking

Plah booking opens june 1st
Norwegian ingredients blend with Thai flavours at this well-run restaurant.
MICHELIN guide inspectors 2018
Terje Ommundsen is known as Norway's best "thai chef", and his restaraunt Plah is one of the most popular in Oslo. The intention was that Thaimani should become a natural part of the kitchen interiour. It should be userfriendly and uncomplicated, so that everyone was inspired to cook thai as Terje and Plah.

224 Pages. 449 nok.
Gatemat fra Bangkok til Oslo. Denne boken gir deg oppskrifter på fantastiske småretter; de beste smakskombinasjonene som det thailandske kjøkkenet kan by på. Og selv om det er gatemat, er dette raffinerte og spennende retter.

The Thaifood at Plah

Thaifood is all about the freshness of the ingredients, the balance between salt, sweet, sour and bitter, the people who make it, and the people who enjoy it. 

With background from some of the best restaurants in Norway, Chef Terje Ommundsen entered the Thai cuisine in 2003 and decided to dedicate the next years with this incredible, exiting kitchen. After 15 years in “the Thai business”, he has developed a unique kitchen through all his experience, travels and journeys. 
We use ancient Thai techniques and modern European techniques. We use old Thai recipes and combine with new modern recipes. Traditional Thai kitchen tools and utensils are mixed with supermodern kitchen machines. 

The result is a unique combination between the fresh Norwegian produce, the old and the new, but always the fresh Thai flavors.